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Functional movement (English)

Movement of the foot - Heel around the toes

Any movement that aims to perform an action that is necessary in our relationship life is called functional, that is, it is made in function of.

p. eg: the flexion of the arm at elbow level added to the external rotation of the forearm, wrist and hand is a functional movement in the action of bringing the spoon to the mouth to eat soup or puree.

However the flexion of the forearm on the arm lifting a weight and thereby increasing the tone of the biceps is not a functional movement. Since an increase in muscle strength alone will not improve the effectiveness of the eating movement.

In walking, one of the determining factors is weight transfer (WT).

Whether in sports or in everyday life and because WT does not happen or is very poor (replaced by muscular work), there is often a lack of efficiency in the action, or injuries and pain in regions of the body because muscle word supersedes WT.

Dialog foot/ankle/lower leg/ pelvis
Rotating tibia over foot - Proximal movement.
Rotating foot under tibia - Distal movement.
Rotating heel around toes
Organising these aspects facilitates the extension of the whole body from the feet to the hands. Specially for setting backwards.
Integrating these aspects in the sequence from kneeling to side sitting.

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